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Attended ParaYoga Immersion Weekend with Yogarupa Rod Stryker presented by Devanadi March 16th-18th, 2018 Mpls, MN

Currently I'm choosing to take short sabbatical from teaching regular group yoga classes (all styles), due to the unexpected transitions. (Although you might find me subbing here and there.) It is always healthy to take extra time to be a student again on your grow, ground, and serve you better as a teacher. 

During this sabbatical, I am still open to supporting YOUR yoga practice (prenatal, postpartum, or ever-evolving womens wellness) as a yoga teacher with private lessons or small groups. Contact Meredyth via email or phone for more info. 


- Creative Dance 2-4yr olds and 4-6yr olds summer session @ Yellow Barn: Aug 8th, 2018 for Kendra. 



Prenatal Yoga helps moms with the mental focus and physical preparation for labor & delivery, as well as, contributes to a healthy pregnancy. Moms learn asanas (physical poses) that help build stamina and strength that can alleviate some of the discomforts of pregnancy and prepare her for the demands of pregnancy. During prenatal yoga, moms also learn pranayama (breathing exercises) which can help manage the discomfort and which can improve her ability to relax and focus. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, you'll learn the tools you need to face the physical, mental, and emotional changes of pregnancy with focus and grace. 

The slow flow class is a beautiful balance of some intentional flow, builds strength and focus, the challenge and restoration of finding stillness (being completely present), yet includes some more restorative time at the end, including more breath work (pranayama) and deeper relaxation savasana. I would love if you could join me sometime for class and see how supportive, and balancing it can be to your other workouts/barre/yoga practice.

 It is perfect for everyone honestly...pregnant, immediately postpartum, any mother, any woman with or without kids, your friend, etc.

DOING A MAJOR UPDATE OF ORGANIZATION & INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE. My apologies for missing information or links. I appreciate your patience!!


    Meredyth Johnson Kramschuster, LMT, RYT
     Certified in Pre- & Perinatal Rehabilitative Therapeutic
    Massage & Bodywork, Birth Doula, and Dance & Yoga Teacher 
    Serving the Twin Cities Area



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