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Meredyth Johnson LLC

Come and step out of the chaos of your day.


Feel at home. 

This is YOUR wellness space to...

Rest.   Unwind.  Nourish.  Restore.


Appointment availability is online.
Click "Schedule with Meredyth" button above or go to

For support on scheduling and waitlist, please visit the FAQ page of this website. 

SUMMER HOURS begin June 1st-Sept 5th, 2019!
This summer Meredyth's weekly hours vary, mostly evenings with some random daytime due to family needs.
There will be no Saturday hours for this summer.
Please see the home page about Meredyth's Wellness Sabbatical July 4th-August 12th, 2019. 

 MON, TUES, & FRIDAY afternoons
 WED afternoon until 9pm (8pm in winter)
 SAT mornings 
 SUN (Out)

*All business messages (text/email/voicemail) are returned during weekday business hours.  ALL business and office hours are subject to change. My schedule follow the St. Paul Public School Schedule as well. SUMMER HOURS ANNOUNCED DURING THE SPRING PRIOR. FYI I will have weekday morning appointments again in the 2019-2020 school year since all my children will be in full days. 


All session fees include sales tax. *Please read cancellation policy before booking. 

Intial Appointment $100 (75min)
60min Session $80
90min Session $120

*Currently Meredyth is focusing her practice on her passion supporting women's evolving wellness, so is not taking new male clients at this time. Yet she is happy to give you a referral. Meredyth specifically designs each session to meet your appropriate needs at that time of your appointment, using a variety of techniques within her scope of practice. 


All apppointment cancellations require a 24-hour notice directly to Meredyth via phone 612-280-9555 or in order to avoid payment for the full session.

**Meredyth is understanding about unexpected variables of pregnancy arising and can let you know if YOUR session would be still indicatated. She is understanding that labor can begin at any time. Yet Meredyth needs to be notified at least an hour prior to the session time to have the option of waiving this fee considered. Please do not be worried about scheduling close to your guess date due to this policy. Just communicate with Meredyth. 

This policy is out of respect for your practitioner but also for your fellow women who may be on a waitlist to get in for a session, because something came up in their pregnancy/or life. If we don't respect on another, no healing work can be done. Thank you for honoring this policy. 


Cash, Credit Cards (via Square), HSA/FSA cards*, & Meredyth's GIFT CARDS are accepted.

*FSA & HSA debit cards have worked in the past the majority of times for perinatal therapeutic massage & doula services...yet I can't guarentee they work as each plan has it's own specifics and they are constantly changing. Please have another form payment at session checkout in case your FSA/HSA card does not work. Meredyth can always issue you a receipt for you to submit for reinbursement. Thank you!


def: The perinatal period is defined as from conception to one year post birth or until she has stopped breast feeding; whichever is longer. 

Meredyth has advanced certification and training in Pre & Perinatal Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, which includes supporting women who may be having high risks needs, mothers of multiples**, or baby positioning support. Meredyth uses a variety of therapeutic positions for the session, using the appropriate body cushion system/ prenatal bolstering with the table. During the health history intake we will determine the most supportive postioning to meet YOUR goals and needs at that moment in YOUR pregnancy. If your journey's needs are beyond her scope of practice she will always refer you to support in our community of practitioners and professionals. **Meredyth is a mother of mutilples herself. 

NEW CLIENT Inital Session w/ Meredyth - 75min Session $100 - This appointment includes a comprehensive health history intake and a 60-70min Prenatal/Postnatal/Therapeutic massage and bodywork session.  Arrive 10min prior to scheduled session time to fill out paperwork to not take time away from your session.

Prenatal Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork* uses techniques that specifically address pregnancy's challenges. Evidenced-based research suggest, that prenatal massage improves mom and baby's health by reducing the negative impacts of stress with encouraging relaxation and reducing anxiety; helping to alleviate muscle and joint discomforts; improving breathing, digestion, and sleep; and helping her feel more connected to her baby and her transforming self. It also supports baby positioning, and can contribute to easier, shorter labors. *NEW clients need to be 14 weeks or more by first appointment. 

Postnatal Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork supports her overall recovery; nourishes and nurtures her and in-turn her family; can help reduce the strain of baby care on her body; and support satisfying breastfeeding. Meredyth considers women who are less then one year post birth or who are still breastfeeding under this description of therapy session to honor the whole perinatal period. 

Integrated Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork supports a woman's evolving health before pregnancy, in-between pregnancies, and beyond. Meredyth integrates a variety of modalities and techinques into this session to truly listen to the communication of her body to support and guide her wellness at that given moment.

DOING A MAJOR UPDATE OF ORGANIZATION & INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE. My apologies for missing information or links. I appreciate your patience!!


    Meredyth Johnson Kramschuster, LMT, RYT
     Certified in Pre- & Perinatal Rehabilitative Therapeutic
    Massage & Bodywork, Birth Doula, and Dance & Yoga Teacher 
    Serving the Twin Cities Area



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